“A Breakthrough For People and Planet: Effective And Inclusive Global Governance for Today And The Future” Report

The United Nations’ High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism recently launched a new report titled “A Breakthrough For People and Planet: Effective And Inclusive Global Governance for Today And The Future”. The report emphasizes the need to redesign the global governance system to address current and future challenges, such as the climate crisis, rising security threats, and digital transition.

The 10 Constituent Principles of Effective Multilateralism

The report drafted 10 constituent principles of effective multilateralism, which are essential for addressing crises such as rising inequality, lack of finance for sustainable development, gender divide, and threats to democracy. The principles are people-centric, representative, transparent, equitable, networked, mission-focused, flexible, accountable, and future-oriented.

The Six Transformative Shifts

The report outlines six transformative shifts that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and “Our Common Agenda,” the UN Secretary-General’s vision for global cooperation. The shifts aim to rebuild trust in multilateralism, ensure sustainable finance for all, support a just digital transition, strengthen governance for current and emerging transnational risks, and regain balance with nature by providing clean energy for all.

The Overall Goal

The report’s overall goal is to secure a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world for people and the planet. The report argues that effective multilateralism is only possible if the SDGs on gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls are fully implemented, and the gender equality is ensured in all institutions and processes of global governance.

Dissemination and Discussion of the Report’s Recommendations

The recommendations of the report will be disseminated and discussed via an information campaign targeting key constituencies and stakeholders over the next 18 months. Policymakers, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and civil society groups are likely to be the primary targets of the campaign.

Summit of the Future

The report was launched on April 18, 2023, ahead of the Summit of the Future, scheduled to be held on September 22-23, 2024, in New York. The recommendations of the report will be an important discussion point at the summit, which will bring together policymakers, business leaders, and civil society representatives to discuss global challenges and identify solutions.




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