49-page report submitted by an Amicus curiae to Kerala High Court (

In a setback to the ruling Pinarayi Vijayan government, a 49-page report submitted by an Amicus curiae to the Kerala High Court (KHC) on April 3 recommended a judicial probe into the cause of the worst-ever floods to hit the state in August 2018 after it found that faulty dam management led to the flooding. In a report, amicus curiae Jacob P. Alex said that none of the 79 dams in the State were operated or used for the purpose of flood control and moderation, despite the obligation to utilise them for flood control as per the stipulations under the National Water Policy, National Disaster Management Authority guidelines on flood and RTIO (real-time integrated operation). It seemed that high reservoir storage and sudden release of water had resulted in worsening the floods. Various alerts (blue/orange/red) were issued not in accordance with the EAP (Emergency Action Plan) guidelines. No proper follow-up action and effective precautionary steps, especially for evacuating people and accommodating them in safe locations, were taken after the issue of red alert. Hence, this was a matter to be inquired into.

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