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Quiz 560: GK Questions for Various Competitions

1. The Bicameralism legislature is an essential features in which among the following types of Governments? [A] Parliamentary System[B] Presidential system[C] Federal System[D] Unitary System Show Answer Correct Answer: C [Federal System] 2. Consider the following statements: At present, there are 18 notified Biosphere Reserves in India All the Biosphere Reserves of India are included ..

Quiz 559: GK Questions for SSC States

1. A “Suitable Boy”, which is considered to one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume in the English language, has been written by which among the following authors? [A] David Malouf[B] Rohinton Mistry[C] Alex Miller[D] Vikram Seth Show Answer Correct Answer: D [Vikram Seth] 2. Economic and Social Commission for Asia ..

Quiz 558: GK Questions for All Examinations

1. Which among the following are the features of Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Accounts: They are opened with RBI They Earn interests on deposits They need a minimum balance to be maintained by the account holder Choose the correct options: [A] Only 1[B] 1 & 2[C] 2 & 3[D] None of them Show Answer Correct ..

Quiz 557: GK Questions for All Exams

1. In India, the dollar-rupee exchange rate depends upon: Government Control Demand-supply balance RBI’s Monetary policy Choose the correct options: [A] Only 2[B] 1 & 2[C] 1 & 3[D] 1, 2 & 3 Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Only 2] 2. Each Year Ramzan occurs about ______from the Previous year? [A] 11 Days earlier[B] 11 ..

Quiz 556: GK Questions for SSC-Banking

1. Brachytherapy is commonly used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancer in many parts of the world. Why Brachytherapy is an offshoot of which among the following forms of Cancer Treatment? [A] Radiotherapy[B] Chemotherapy[C] Surgery[D] None of them, Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Radiotherapy] 2. Which among the following is ..

Quiz 555: General Studies for UPSC Examinations

1. Consider the following statements in context with India’s National Calendar: India’s National Calendar is based upon the Saka era, whose dates have a permanent correspondence with dates of the Gregorian calendar Chaitra Shukla 1 on which new year begins, falls always on 21 or 22 March every year In a leap year, all the ..

Quiz 554: General Awareness Questions for Banking Examinations

1. The Japanese art “Ikebana” is related to which among the following? [A] Flower Decoration[B] Wall painting[C] Chorus Dance[D] Sculptures Show Answer Correct Answer: A [Flower Decoration] 2. Who among the follwoing is known to have mooted the idea of Food Coupons? [A] C Rangrajan[B] V Subbarao[C] Nandan Nilkeni[D] Kaushik Basu Show Answer Correct Answer: ..