Energy Security

Vision for an Integrated Energy Policy in India

November 6, 2015

The vision of our energy policy is to made available clean, safe and convenient form of energy to all sectors in an economically viable manner. Energy needs of household should be met even if that entails directed subsidies to vulnerable households. It further envisages that demand should...

Link between food, water and energy securities

November 6, 2015

In spite of the technological advances made in past few decades, a substantial part of the global population still faces food, water and energy shortages, with the aim of achieving security in all three areas far from being realized. However, to look at the three – food,...

Kelkar Committee Recommendations for reducing import dependency for hydrocarbons

March 23, 2015

Kelkar Committee for reduction of oil dependency in hydrocarbon sector was set up in 2013 under Dr. Vijay Kelkar. The aim of the committee was to reduce the import bill of our country substantially by $70-80 billion. India is highly dependent on imported sources of energy. This can...

Growing demand of energy and India’s energy Security

March 1, 2015

Why it is imperative to have self-sufficient energy infrastructure with the growing demand of energy? What are the measures India should take to utilize its vast natural resources?