Cropping Patterns in India

Types of Cropping Patterns

September 22, 2015

There are several types of cropping systems based on resources and technology available. These are as follows: Monocropping When only one crop is grown season after season; it’s called Monocropping. The key disadvantage of Monocropping is that it would reduce soil fertility and damage the soil structure....

Factors Affecting Cropping Patterns

September 22, 2015

For any particular region, the current cropping pattern is a result of past and present decisions of the cultivators, communities as well as governments. These decisions are governed by various factors such: Productivity & profit for the cultivator The potential productivity of a particular crop and its...

Difference between Cropping Pattern and Cropping System

September 22, 2015

‘Cropping pattern’ and ‘cropping system’ are two terms used interchangeably; however these are two different concepts. While cropping pattern refers to the yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops or of crops and fallow in a particular land area; Cropping system refers to cropping pattern as well...

Various Rice Cropping Patterns in India

September 19, 2015

With regard to the cropping patterns, India has varied climatic regions and rice is grown in different patterns as discussed below: Rice-Rice-Rice Pattern Under this pattern, three rice crops are grown in same field in one year. This is also called a cropping pattern of 300% intensity...