Mains-38: Parliament and State Legislatures in India

How the proposed higher education bill proposes for a watershed change in the Higher Education Sector in India?

The Ministry of Human Resource Development is planning to introduce a bill in the upcoming winter session of parliament. The bill will overhaul the higher education segment of India. Features of the Bill The bill provides for setting up of Higher Education Commission of India as a single regulator to take over regulatory functions of ..

Bring out the aberrations of the parliamentary system of government in India.

Indian Constitutional Assembly chose the Parliamentary System of government for India, based on British parliamentary system. Alliances and minority Governments, unstable Governments have raised burden of frequent elections and which have resulted into huge expenses and instability. So many aberrations of our parliamentary system are responsible for them. Our Parliament has lost its prestige due ..

What do you mean by the term Pro-tem speaker? Discuss the duties and functions of a pro-tem speaker.

Pro-tem Speaker means �time being� in English. He is a�temporary speaker appointed for a limited time period�to conduct the works in Lok Sabha or in state legislatures. About Pro-tem speaker: When the vote for the speaker and deputy speaker has not taken place, the pro-tem speaker is chosen for the conduct of the house The ..


"During the first two decades of republic of India, the key attributes and highlights of Parliament were discourse and debate on issues of national importance. With the passage of time, this appears to have eroded and diminished." Do you agree with this view? Give arguments.

Parliament acts as highest law making body and a platform for discussion and debate on key economic policies of the Country. It is in the parliament that the opposition and people’s representative hold government responsible for its act of omission and commission. I agree with the statement that over the years parliamentary discourses and debates ..

Discuss the composition and functions of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA). What is the relevance of creation of additional bodies comprising several ministers such as current government's Alternative Mechanism (AM) and previous government's GoM (Group of Ministers)?

CCEA is one of the standing committees of the cabinet constituted by the government of India. CCEA comprises 11 ministers and three special invitees. PM is the chairman of CCEA. Functions of CCEA To Continuously review economic trends, problems and prospects in order to frame an integrated economic policy It directs and coordinates all policies ..