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India seeks to push reforms at WTO

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries is arranging a mini-ministerial meeting of developing countries on May 13-14 to discuss the future of the multilateral body, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the development agenda. India is expected to invite close to ..


Policy Priorities proposed in World Economic Outlook to arrest the Downward Growth Trend

The International Monetary Fund in its World Economic Outlook has suggested various policy measures to arrest the downward growth trend. They are: Resolving cooperatively and quickly the trade disagreements which may derail the global trade and addressing the resulting policy ..


India mulls new group of 8-10 countries in WTO

India is considering bringing together group of 8-10 member countries of World Trade Organisation (WTO) to prepare agenda for creation of conducive atmosphere to ensure smooth functioning of the global trade body. Key Facts It would be an informal group ..