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What are ‘Volatile organic compounds’?

The Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are lighter than air at room temperature. They are used as paint thinners. Also they are used in perfumes. They are naturally found in petroleum products. They are also produced by plants, animals and micro organisms. Frequent exposure to volatile organic compounds leads to cancer and respiratory irritation. ..




WAYU launched by Union Government for traffic junctions

Dr Harsh Vardhan, the union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate change (MoEF&CC), has inaugurated air pollution control device – Wind Augmentation Purifying Unit (WAYU) at ITO in New Delhi. WAYU is developed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research –National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI) to mitigate air pollution at traffic junctions. The prototype ..


Smog and Photochemical Smog

Smog is nothing but a combination of smoke and fog. Smog occurs due to the factors like geography, sunlight, industrial activity, vehicular emissions, calmness of winds, burning of coal etc. Smog usually occurs at a place which is far away from the actual source of pollution. At least two distinct types of smog are recognized: ..


IIT Kharagpur invented a low-cost dirt detector that alerts authorities when a place needs cleaning

The researchers at the IIT Kharagpur have developed a low-cost dirt detector that alerts authorities when a place needs cleaning. The Smart Hygiene Monitor (SHM) records levels of ammonia, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter through sensors and sends online alerts to stakeholders when a certain threshold is crossed. ..