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All-India ‘Unreserved Mobile Ticketing’ facility (UTS on Mobile) developed by Indian Railway- CRIS

On November 1, the Ministry of Railways has officially rolled out All-India Unreserved Mobile Ticketing facility (UTS on Mobile) with a view to promote three C’s- Cashless transactions (Digital payment), Contact less ticketing (no need to physically visit the point of sale) and Customer convenience and experience. Now, the facility of booking unreserved tickets, including ..


Mumbai metro to launch India’s first mobile ticketing system

Mumbai Metro One will launch the India’s first Mobile Ticketing System ‘OnGo’ which will help commuters pass the Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gates using their mobile phones. The system is in the final advanced stage of testing and will be implemented by mid-August. The commuters will be able to buy tickets or monthly passes using ..