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Defence Ministry alleges that ‘No U.S. special forces are present in India’

The Defence Ministry abnegated reports which held that the US Special Forces are positioned in India. This was alleged over the remarks attributed of a U.S. Armed Forces official that U.S. Special Forces teams are positioned in five South Asian countries: Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and India as part of the counter-terrorism cooperation. These ..

News Today : January 24, 2012

Al-Qaeda takes over Yemen city In Yemen, Al-Qaeda militants have taken over the city of Rada in the Southeastern Al Bayda province. They have named Tareq al-Dahab, a brother-in-law of slain US-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in a suspected US drone strike in September as the new Emir or the Governor. The group ..

Guam: “Pacific Eagle”: USA-Russia Naval Anti-Terror exercises commence

Guam: “Pacific Eagle”: USA-Russia Naval Anti-Terror exercises commence Russian-American anti-terrorist joint exercise code-named “Pacific Eagle-2011” has started near the island of Guam. The training aims to build respect and cooperation b/w both Navies. The U.S. Navy opines that it shares alike interests with Russia in the Pacific, including counter-terrorism.  

Combating of Funding of Terrorist (CFT)

Combating of Funding of Terrorist (CFT) is a new cell formed by Union home ministry to focus on effectively dealing with funding of terrorist activities in the country. A Terror Funding and Fake Currency Cell in National Investigation Agency has also been constituted to focus on investigating the flow of money into anti-national activities.

News Today : October 1, 2011

October 1, 2011: World Elders Day October 1, 2011: World Elders Day observed To build consciousness about healthy ageing, Madhya Pradesh Government awarded those who have achieved 100 years of age with ‘Shatayu Samman’ Life Expectancy in India rises to 65 years Life Expectancy in INDIA improved from 40 years in 1951 to 65 at ..