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Telecom Department sanctions merger of TTSL and Bharti Airtel

The Telecom Department has sanctioned the merger of TTSL (Tata Teleservices Limited) consumer mobility business with Bharti Airtel, subject to the condition that Sunil Mittalled firm provides bank guarantees of about Rs. 7,200 crore. The contract is mostly associated with one-time spectrum charges (OTSC) and some deferred airwave charges. Manoj Sinha, telecom minster has conditionally ..

Current Article : Bharti MTN Deal: Timeline, The Deal, Intricacies & Hurdles

Background: In May 2008, it emerged that India’s telecommunication company Bharti Airtel was exploring the possibility of buying MTN Group of South Africa. At that time it was reported that Bharti was considering offering US$19 billion for a 51% stake in MTN, which would be the largest overseas acquisition ever by an Indian firm. However, ..

Current Affairs Update : May16, 2009

Politics : UPA Sweeps The various permutations and combinations of all the channels and the newspapers seemed to have gone to waste. All were right in stating that the UPA would lead but no one had expected the UPA to literally sweep the polls. The much feared Left is routed out in its own ‘home’ ..