Seed Sector in India

Background: Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights

The parliament of India had passed the PPVFR (Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights) Act 2001 to establish an effective system for the protection of plant varieties, farmer’s & breeder’s rights and to encourage the development of new plant varieties. Background Prior to enactment of this act; agriculture was not included in the system […]


Demand Supply Gap in Quality Seeds in India

The foundation of green revolution in the country was hybrid, high yielding seeds. The Government established National Seeds Corporation (NSC) in 1963 to undertake production of foundation and certified seeds. NSC and the state seed corporations did commendable job in production of high yield variety seeds of crops such as wheat, rice, maize, bajra etc. […]

Seed Replacement Rate

Whether a farmer grows certified seeds or farm saved seeds – is at his discretion. Seed Replacement Rate (SSR) or Seed Replacement Ratio is a measure of how much of the total cropped area was sown with certified seeds in comparison to farm saved seeds. However, since every farmer is aware of the benefits of […]