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Government undecided on Minimum Wage

While the Rajya Sabha has passed the Wage Code Bill which aims to enforce a strict minimum wage limit for both the informal and formal sectors, the concerned Ministry (the Labour Ministry) has informed the house that the government to yet to decide on a minimum wage for all. What is happening? The bill new ..



Wage Code Bill

The Lok Sabha has approved the revised version of Code on Wages Bill which seeks to merge four labour laws related to wages, two of them dating back to 1936 and 1948. Features of the Bill The bill seeks to define the norms for fixing minimum wages which will be applicable to workers of organised ..


CPI-M releases Manifesto for Lok Sabha elections

The CPI-M has proposed a stoppage of mass surveillance which promises to enforce the farmers right to sell their produce at a Minimum Support Price, which is at least 50 per cent higher than the total cost of production. The minimum wage is not to be less than Rs 18,000 per month. This will prevent ..


ACTU report: Low wages bad impact on Australians

The Australian Council of Trade Union says that low wages has led to many Australians taking multiple jobs. The secondary jobs are acquired in healthcare, education and social assistance. The reason behind the situation is low wages in their primary jobs. Another major reason is the increase in casual part time insecure works. Economists call ..


Anoop Satpathy committee on “Determining Methodology for Fixation of National Minimum Wage” submitted its report recently

The expert committee under the Chairmanship Dr Anoop Satpathy has recently submitted its report on “Determining the Methodology for Fixation of the National Minimum Wage” to the Government of India (GoI). The report has recommended to fix the need based national minimum wage for India at INR 375 per day (or INR 9,750 per month) ..