Minimum Support Price

Price Policy Issues: Balancing Farmer and Consumer Interests

Food being a basic need, balancing the interests of producers and consumers will be one of the top priorities for any government. While the producers require incentives to grow enough, the consumers want the prices of the agricultural produce to be reasonable. While the government took consumer friendly measures to impose stock restrictions on sugar […]


Distribution of Food-Grains in India

Distribution of essential commodities to larger section of the society, mostly vulnerable people, through a network of fair Price Shops on a recurring basis is done by the Public Distribution System (PDS). This system is jointly operated by the Central and State Governments. The Central government, through FCI has following responsibilities: Procurement, storage, transportation of […]

Shanta Kumar Committee Recommendations

Issues with Food Corporation of India India has come a long way from the time it was struggling with food shortages way back in 1960. Now instead of shortages India faces a problem of plenty and lack of storage facilities. FCI which was entrusted the responsibility of providing benefits to farmers at the grass-root level […]

Shanta Kumar Panel Recommendations and Restructuring the FCI

Critically bring out the distortions in the food procurement system and food policy throwing light on the major recommendations of the recent report by Shanta Kumar Panel.