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Polio a global health emergency: WHO

WHO may declare Polio a global health emergency. Why WHO might declare Polio a Global Health Emergency? WHO may declare this owing to complacency in efforts to eradicate the virus forever. Polio is still endemic to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria because of recent outbreaks in countries once declared polio free. Albeit India has achieved success ..

Red Ribbon Express

What is Red Ribbon Express? Red Ribbon Express is an AIDS/HIV awareness campaign train by the Indian Railways. The ‘Red Ribbon Express’ is a special train being run in order to propagate information on primary prevention and services, developing an understanding the infection to reduce stigma and discrimination against the people living with HIV/AIDS, strengthening ..

Integrated Vaccine Complex to come up in Tamil Nadu

The Centre proposes to set up an integrated vaccine production park in the country. It will be located at Chengalpattu in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. To be known as Integrated Vaccine Complex, it will produce and supply vaccines for the Universal Immunization Programme in the country. The proposed complex will manufacture drugs for measles, ..

India on verge of eliminating Syphilis

Syphilis (caused by treponema pallidum) actually appears due to the sexual intercourse or masturbate done through the infected persons and thus it is basically a sexual contact disease. The most common symptoms of it are the appearance of red spots on the penis and vagina after the sex later the occurrence of the hard painless ..

Aspirin found to reduce risk of colon cancer

Lynch Syndrome is a genetic anomaly that predisposes a person to developing colorectal cancer and a range of other solid organ cancers. Recently it has been found that Aspirin, the drug used by millions of people to protect their heart, has been found to drastically reduce colorectal cancer rates among those who have an increased ..