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A look into recent RBI decisions

The Reserve Bank of India’s third quarter recapitulation of monetary policy was devoid of major surprises. The only change in monetary policy instruments was a cut in the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) by 0.50% point to 5.5%. This decision will ..


India’s Balance of Trade

India’s balance of trade (BOT) – the difference between the value of its exports and imports – provides important insights into the country’s economic health and global trading relationships. Latest Data and Historical Trends As of September 2022, India’s trade ..

What is Balance of Payments?

Balance of Payments (BOP) is a systematic and summary record of a country’s economic and financial transactions with the rest of the world, over a period of time, say one year. Structure of Balance of Payments The format of the balance ..

Background of India’s Foreign Trade

1. India entered into planned development era in 1950’s and at that time Import Substitution was a major element of India’s trade and industrial policy.2. In 1950 India’s share in the total world trade was 1.78% which reduced to 0.6% ..