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Mulk Raj Anand

Mulk Raj Anand (1905-2004) was a founding father of the Indian novels in English. He was from Peshawar, Pakistan and is acclaimed as of being India’s Charles Dickens. He was one of the first writers from India to gain an international readership in English and was the founding president of Progressive Writers’ Association. He also ..

Municipality Bonds in India

Municipal bonds all over the world have a huge capital market but in India these have not been used. The government is drawing up a list of municipalities which could issue bonds to attract funds from the capital market. As per a recent statement of Urban Development minister Kamalnath, Government has assigned an agency to ..


Meteosat-10 is the latest second generation weather satellite (MSG-3) in Europe’s highly successful Meteosat series launched from Ariane 5 spacecraft 5 July, 2012 from Europe’s Spaceport at the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana. Meteosat series of satellites are geostationary meteorological satellites operated by EUMETSAT under the Meteosat Transition Programme (MTP) and the Meteosat ..

Microfinance Institutions (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2012

There are four most important Micro Finance models prevalent in India as follows: Model I – individuals or group borrowers are financed directly by banks without the intervention/facilitation of any Non-Government Organisation (NGO). Model II – borrowers are financed directly with the facilitation extended by formal or informal agencies like Government, Commercial Banks and Micro-Finance ..

MV Nair Panel on Priority Sector Lending

Reserve Bank panel headed by Union Bank of India Chairman and Managing Director M V Nair has made some important recommendations on priority sector lending. Please note the following points: Retaining the existing 40 per cent ceiling for the priority sector lending segment. It’s worth note that some banks were demanding lowering the targets while ..


A team from Imperial College, Hull York Medical School, Medical Research Council Clinical Trial Unit and Infectious Disease Research Institute in London is carrying out what they claim is the first clinical trial of an injectable vaccine for HIV which causes AIDS. They are also evaluating whether the vaccine is safe for use in human ..

Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing platform and is a Platform as a service (PaaS) offering from Microsoft Online Services. The platform consists of various on-demand services hosted in Microsoft data centers and commoditized through three product brands: Windows Azure (an operating system providing scalable compute and storage facilities), SQL Azure (a cloud-based, scale-out ..

Mithi Virdi

Mithi Virdi Nuclear Project The first first US nuclear reactor in India is bound for Gujarat at Mithi Virdi in Bhavnagar district. United States and India are on a track to cross a significant milestone by firming up an early works agreement for the installation of the first 1100 MW American nuclear reactor at Mithi ..