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Kerala: First Nokkukooli-Free’ place→Trivandrum

Nokku kooli refers to an unofficial labor norm in Kerala under which wages are paid to trade union activists for allowing investors/builders to unload materials using machines or their own labor. The unhealthy practice of demanding money for allowing others to do loading and unloading work has so far enjoyed more or less a quasi-statutory ..

Moplah Rebellion 1921

The Moplah Rebellion or the Malabar Rebellion was an extended version of the Khilafat Movement in Kerala in 1921. The Government had declared the Congress and Khilafat meetings illegal. So, a reaction in Kerala began against the crackdown of the British in Eranad and Valluvanad taluks of Malabar. But the Khilafat meeting incited so much ..

Current Affairs : September 3, 2011

New peacekeeping operation head appointed by the UN Herve Ladsous appointed new chief of United Nations peacekeeping operations.  Ladsous replaces Alain Le Roy. Ladsous will be in charge of some 1,20,000 peacekeepers Ladsous will monitors more than $7-billion budget for missions in Haiti, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, many other parts around the ..

Current Affairs : September 1, 2011

$ 230 Million given by the British Royal Air Force to Central Bank in Libya About $ 230 Million dollars worth Cash delivered by the British Royal Air Force to the Central Bank in Libya in Benghazi This newly-minted stock is part of bigger consignment which is being printed in Britain The delivery was however ..

Current Affairs : July 7, 2011

Special package for Jammu & Kashmir for the implementation of the Special Industry Initiative Scheme CCEA (Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) accepted the execution of the Special Industry Initiative Scheme in Jammu & Kashmir Central Scheme with 100% Central assistance in partnership with National Skill Development Corporation, NSDC, and the Corporate Sector The Scheme to ..