Inequality in India

Economic Survey 2016-17: Chapter-10: Income, Health & Fertility: Convergence Puzzle

India’s continued success as a federation depends on the progress of each of its individual states, so a reasonable standard for assessing how well the states are doing.  In Chapter 10, The economic survey has focused on how different states of India have fared in terms of Income, Health and Fertility; Inequalities among states; and […]


Regional Disparity in India

‘Unity in diversity’ is a fundamental characteristic of India. The growth pattern of Indian Economy has reflected in various dimensions of social, economic, political, geographical, religious, cultural and linguistic diversities. Reasons for Disparity Natural Resources Most important reason for regional disparity is that India’s different regions are endowed with different natural and human-based resources. Some […]

India’s Gini Coefficient

Gini coefficient represents the income distribution of a country’s residents. It was developed by the Italian statistician and sociologist Corrado Gini. It measures the inequality. The coefficient ranges from zero to one, with zero representing perfect equality and one showing perfect inequality. The higher is the Gini Coefficient, more is gap between rich and poor […]