Himalayan Glaciers

Loss of Ice in South Col Glacier

A new study highlighted that, Ice on a glacier near the summit of Mount Everest has shrunk dramatically, in last three decades. Research was led by University of Maine and published by Nature. Key Points Summit of Mount Everest took ..



Climate Action Tracker: Global warming by 2100 to be at 2.4°C

The Climate Action Tracker recently released a report calculating the impacts of the recent US Climate Summit. According to the report, even after implementing the ambitious climate goals of the summit, global temperature will increase by 2.4°C by 2100 as ..


India to conduct Radar Surveys of Himalayan Glaciers

India has planned to conduct the airborne radar surveys in order to estimate the thickness of Himalayan glaciers. Under the plan, the pilot study will be conducted in the Lahaul – Spiti basin of the Himachal Pradesh. This proposal was ..


Chamoli tragedy: Glacial Breach Triggered Floods

An avalanche and flash floods triggered in Alaknanda river in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand following a glacial breach. Highlights Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE) is investigating the matter. SASE works under the nodal head Defence Research and Development Organisation ..


Regional Climate Centre for Himalayas

India is to establish a regional climate centre in the Himalayan mountain region. The centre will provide weather related services to India and also to its neighbours. Similar centre is being built by China on its side of the Himalayas. ..


Zoological Survey of India: Climate Change has driven butterflies and moths to higher Himalayas

The Study conducted by the Zoological Survey of India says that climate Change has driven Lepidoptera species to higher habitats of Himalayas. Himalayas is home to 35% of Lepidoptera species that are found in India. Lepidoptera species include butterflies, skippers ..