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National Workshop on HeatWave 2020

The National Workshop on Preparedness, Mitigation and Management of Heat Wave was inaugurated in Bengaluru, Karnataka on December 5th. This 2 day workshop is being jointly organised by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the state government of Karnataka. The workshop will see the participation of NDMA members, officials, experts from various fields like ..


Tree Felling Banned in Bihar

Citing increasing pollution as well as a fatal heatwave, the government of Bihar has withdrawn the permissions granted to cut trees for development works. However, there are no restrictions on felling of Trees on private land. Development Work Stalled? The withdrawal of Permission doesn t mean that the developmental works would be stalled. The new ..


Canada is warming twice the Global rate : Government Report

The Government report by Environment and Climate Change say that Canada is warming twice as fast as the global warming. This is mainly because of burning of fossil fuels. The report was authored by 43 government scientists. The key findings of the report are as follows The report says that deadly heat waves and heavy ..



The researchers of IIT-Gandhinagar analyses that urban areas are cooler than non-urban areas during heat waves

The researchers at IIT-Gandhinagar has conducted study of 89 urban areas in India. In it, they found that though there is an absolute increase in temperature during heat waves in both urban and non-urban areas, the urban areas are relatively cooler than the surrounding non-urban areas. At 1.94°C, the absolute increase in temperature during the ..


Earth might face more Heat Waves: NASA

As per warnings of NASA, the Earth might face an intense summer heat wave than what it faced b/w 1951 to 1980. Agency reveals that over the past 30 years the northern hemisphere has seen more "hot", "very hot"and “extremely hot” summers (as classified by the agency). Earth’s northern hemisphere, which has 90 % of ..