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The team of scientists identified regions in wheat genome responsible for density of Zinc in wheat grain

The scientists have recently identified regions in the wheat genome responsible for concentration of zinc in wheat grain. They have also identified candidate genes involved in zinc concentration in wheat. The findings can potentially help in developing wheat varieties with enhanced levels of the micro-nutrient. The researchers have found 39 new molecular markers and two ..


The International team of scientists cracks genetic code of wheat

For the first time, the International team of scientists including 18 from India cracked the genetic code of wheat, the world’s most widely cultivated crop. The information generated will help to identify genes controlling complex agronomic traits such as yield, grain quality, resistance to diseases and pests, as well as tolerance to drought, heat, water ..


Central government waives off import duty on wheat

The Central government completely scrapped import duty on wheat just a few months after it lowered it to 10%. The decision was taken as there was no relaxation seen in the retail market. The duty has been waived off for an unlimited time frame as no end date has been mentioned. The step has been ..


China’s grain output falls

China’s national grain output stands at 616 million tonnes in 2016 which is less by 5.2 million tonnes i.e. about 0.8 percent as compared to last year as per the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The country will import more grains as the grain planting area fell considerably by 3.15 lakh ..


Govt demands FCI to hire private godowns to store fresh crop

Food Minister K V Thomas held that the state-run FCI (Food Corporation of India) has been called for to hire private godowns in order to store fresh crop and he called food-grains storage as a challenging task in view of the record yield. He held that efforts are on to make extra storage capacity for ..