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IIT Madras develops an easy OCR system for reading Bharti script

Dr. Srinivasa Chakravathy and his team at IIT Madras has developed a unified script for nine Indian languages, named the Bharati script. The team has developed a method for reading documents in Bharati script using a multi-lingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scheme. The team has also created a finger-spelling method that can be used to ..

Chinese Government bans foreign plastic ban

Chinese Government’s has put ban on the import of foreign plastic waste. The government has thrown the world recycling sector into disorder. The ban forced countries like the US and UK is set to find new ways to deal with their own trash, which has resulted in huge pile-ups of plastic waste in Southeast Asian ..

Russia dismisses findings of long-awaited report by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Russia has recently dismissed the findings of the long-awaited report by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller and said that it failed to present any evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections. The report titled “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election” details extensive contacts between Donald Trump’s 2016 ..

Nepal carried out its first satellite “NepaliSat-1” into space

Nepal has launched its first satellite “NepaliSat-1” into space. The satellite was launched in the early morning (2:31 am) of Baishak 5, 2076 on 18th April, 2019. NepaliSat-1 satellite was launched by CygnusNG11 mission by NASA in Virginia, USA. This satellite will be carried to the International space station (ISS) as a cargo.

China forest fire: 30 dead

Around 30 people killed including 27 fire fighters in China. The fire broke on Saturday in Siachuan province. The sudden change in the wind direction caused a huge fire ball. The local authorities employed 689 people to put off the fire. The fire was blazing at an altitude of 3, 800 metres. The team sent ..

Vikram Patel wins 2019 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

Prof. Vikram Patel, a psychiatrist and professor of global health at Harvard Medical School, has won the prestigious 2019 John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award. Mr. Patel has led research generating knowledge on the burden and determinants of mental health problems in low and middle-income countries and pioneered approaches which utilise community resources for ..

2019 World Theatre Day (WTD)

The World Theatre Day (WTD) is observed every year on 27th of March to draw attention to the power of the stage. It also tells the importance of theater arts as it continues to move, entertain, teach and change us. The day was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the world organization ..

Young Environmental activists skip school to call action

Students all over the school skipped classes on Friday to demand the world leaders to take action on Climate change. They voiced that climate change is the biggest threat to their survival. They believe that if nothing is done to stop global arming, their generation will have to face catastrophic consequences. The march was witnessed ..