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Centre issued new Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules, 2019

Health and Family Welfare Ministry have issued the Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules, 2019 with a motive to enhance clinical research in the country. The new rules will alter the regulatory landscape for the approval of new drugs and conduct of clinical trials in the country. These new rules will be applied to all new ..

Maharashtra registered Maximum Number of Deaths due to SAEs during Drug Trials

As per the data of the Drug Controller-General of India, India recorded 2061 drug trial-related deaths during the period (January 2008- January 2012). Maharashtra registered maximum number of 268 deaths due to SAEs (Serious Adverse Events) during drug trials while Madhya Pradesh recorded the least number of such deaths.

Regulatory Mechanism for Biodiversity sector soon

A regulatory mechanism in Biodiversity sector to be in place following the recommendations Objective: To safeguard public health and protect environment. Quality Control lab in Delhi has been asked to bring wider range of bio-technology products under its ambit to ensure that they are safe and meet the prescribed standards. Private sector requested to increase ..