Chinese aircraft carrier programme: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Type 001A China’s first home-built aircraft carrier that recently started sea trials

China’s first domestically developed aircraft carrier “Type-001A” has recently started sea trials. The aim of trials is to demonstrate the reliability and capability of the ship’s propulsion systems. The 50,000-metric tonne vessel will become the country’s second aircraft carrier, and the first to be entirely built and designed inside of China, when it joins the ..

Liaoning – China’s First Aircraft Carrier Ready for Combat

China has announced that its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning is now ready for combat. It was commissioned in 2013. The 300-metre-long Liaoning is a refurbished and upgraded version of the Soviet carrier Varyag, which was purchased from Ukraine. This is considered as a breakthrough for the Chinese navy which has invested heavily in its ..