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Assam government decides to set up a separate directorate for Divyangs

The Assam government has recently decided to set up a separate directorate for the Divyangs. The Social Welfare minister, Pramila Rani Brahma said that appointment to Divyangs will be given at around 4500 posts by December 2018. Beside this, the Social Welfare department will also give Rs 1000 per month to all Divyangs as stipend. ..

Agnivarat Naishthik authors book “Vedvigyan Alok”

The book “Vedvigyan Alok” (Maharishi Aitareya Mahidas Praneet – Aitareya Brahmina ki Vaigyanik Vyakhya) has been authored by Acharya Agnivarat Naishthik. It is recently received by M. Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of India. The book is the scriptural verse in Vedas’ prose. The Brahman textbooks are placed second in order of preference of Vedic ..