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National Science Day- ‘Women in Science’

In light of the National Science Day, the government had announced the establishment of 11 chairs in the name of Indian women scientists. Janaki Ammal: Janaki Ammal was a pioneering Indian botanist born in Madras Presidency of British India. She is a noted for her works in the field of cytogenetics and phytogeography. Her most ..

Lecanorchis taiwaniana discovered in Assam

In Assam, a type of orchid – Lecanorchis taiwaniana (parasitic bloom) – has coincidentally discovered by Assam’s forest officer named Jatindra Sarma. The parasitic bloom is a variant of a Japanese orchid. It is found to have a maximum height of 40 cm and a blossoming period of five-six days. It is a Myco-heterotroph and ..

India’s Seed Vault: at Chang La

India’s Seed Vault is located at Chang La (Ladakh) in the Himalayas, at a height of 17,300 feet, there is a storage facility with over 5,000 seed accessions. One accession consists of a set of seeds of one species collected from different locations or different populations. The vault is a joint venture of the National ..

BSI and UK’s Natural History Museum (NHM) signs pact for cooperation in field of genetic/taxonomic studies

The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) and UK’s Natural History Museum (NHM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in New Delhi on February 16, 2018 for cooperation in the field of genetic/taxonomic studies, research and training, conservation in India, including species and habitat conservation assessments, etc. The MoU will pave the way for BSI ..

Spigelia genuflexa: New Plant species that sows its own seeds

Scientists have discovered a tiny angiosperm plant which bows down and sows its own seeds. The dainty, inch-high plant with pinkand-white flowers was found growing in the backyard of a local plant collector in rural north-eastern Bahia, Brazil, one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas. The name of the plant (Spigelia genuflexa) has been ..