Ziyuan-1 02E- China’s New Earth resources observation satellite

On December 27, 2021, a new Chinese Earth observation satellite named “Ziyuan-1 02E” was launched into space by China.

Key Facts

  • The satellite was launched for exploring natural resources.
  • It also launched a smaller satellite, which will be used for teaching geography at a school in Beijing.
  • Both the satellites took off from the Taiyuan Launch Center in Sjanxi Province, aboard the Long March 4C rocket.

Ziyuan-1 02E

The satellite, called Ziyuan-1 02E, has been equipped with a high-resolution infrared camera, a long-wavelength infrared camera and a multi-spectrum imager. The satellite is designed for an eight-year lifespan in Earth orbit. It was launched with the objective of mapping the Earth’s surface in high resolution to explore the natural resources. Data from satellite will be used to alert for environmental disasters and monitoring water quality.

Smaller Satellite

Smaller satellite will be dedicated entirely to geography and science classes at a high school in Beijing.


The Ziyuan-1 02E satellite is a part of series of Earth observation satellites. Its most recent version was launched in July 2021 called Ziyuan III 03.

China’s missions in space

  • Launch of Ziyuan-1 02E satellite marks China’s 53rd space launch.
  • The launch broke the record of 39 launches in 2018 and 2020.
  • With this launch, China reached the mark of 104 satellites placed in orbit in 2021 alone.
  • In May 2021, China launched Tianwen-1 mission. It comprises of an orbiter and a rover. It landed successfully on the Martian surface, and made China the third country to do so.
  • China also sent the Tianhe module into Earth’s orbit, which was the main unit of Chinese space station Tiangong-3.




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