What is causing heavy rainfall in Mumbai?

Year after year, the Indian city of Mumbai is brought to a standstill by the rains and the heavy outpours. Not only do these rains cause a loss of time and economic productivity but are also responsible for the deaths and destruction due to their occurrence.

Rains in Mumbai

  • Mumbai suffers from a heavy bout of the rains in every monsoon season. These rains throw the entire life off gear in the city and cause heavy losses to lives, properties, and economy. While the issue of waterlogging and improper drainage is due to the lack of adequate drains and their maintenance, the city also suffers on account of nature which leads to the heavy rains in the city.
  • The reason for the incessant rains in the city can be linked to the unique position of the city. The position of the city puts it in the direct line with the low-pressure systems which form over the Bay of Bengal.
  • These low-pressure systems then move west towards Mumbai via the states of Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Most of the incessant rains received by the city are due to this low-pressure system developed by the winds and while they are not an every-year occurrence, they are fast becoming common due to the ongoing climate change.

Effect of Climate Change

The Indian Meteorological department has found that while India is witnessing fewer days with rains, the intensity of those rains is increasing exponentially every year.

Effect of Urbanization

The rapidly increasing urbanization has worsened the situation of the rainfall in the area. Excessive construction and concretization have destroyed the natural percolation ability of the soil and when it rains, this leads to surface runoffs and flooding.


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