What is Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS)?

Indian Army is set to induct The World’s longest range 155mm ‘Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System’ (ATAGS) with automated ammunition handling facility indigenously developed by the Defence and Research development organization (DRDO). In August 2018, procurement of 150 ATAGS with an estimated cost of around Rs. 3,364.78 crores was approved by the Defence Acquisition Council.

DRDO started the project in 2013 in order to replace older guns with a modern 155mm artillery gun of the Indian army.

ATAGS is a towed 155mm/52 caliber howitzer gun with a firing range of up to 48 Km, consists of a barrel, muzzle brake, breech mechanism and recoil mechanism to fire 155 mm caliber ammunition. Its electric drive ensures minimum maintenance and reliability for a long period of time.

During trials conducted in 2017, ATAGS broke the world record for a 155mm gun by firing at a distance of 47.2 kilometers.




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