USISPF meets PM Modi

The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum met PM Narendra Modi on October 21, 2019. The discussion of the meeting was based on the steps to ensure Ease of Doing Business.

Inferences from the meeting

  • The meeting expressed the reposing faith on Indian Economy among the US industries and commerce circles.
  • In spite of hindrances in the path of Indo-US trade like US reducing Generalized System of Preferences, CAATSA, withdrawal from JCPOA and sanctions, the meet highlighted the interests of US investors in the Indian soil
  • Also, the meet comes during the period when the world leading financial institutions like World Bank and International Monetary Funds (IMF) are projecting an economic slow-down for India in the consecutive year.


The US-India Strategic Partnership Forum is a non-profit organization. The primary objective of the organization is to strengthen Indo-US strategic partnership through policy advocacy, employment creation, entrepreneurship and innovation.




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