US announces restrictions on Ethiopia and Eritrea

United States has put visa restrictions on officials of Ethiopia and Eritrea, who are accused of increasing six-month-old war in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Why restriction was put?

US accused them as they had not taken meaningful steps to end hostilities in Tigray region. According to US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, curbs on economic and security assistance to Ethiopia was also imposed. However, it will continue providing humanitarian aid for health, food and education.

Ethiopia-Eritrea War

Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea started in May 1998 and ended in June 2000. While final peace treaty was agreed twenty years after initial confrontations in 2018.

Consequences of war

Eritrea and Ethiopia have spent huge dollars on war and have suffered many casualties as a direct consequence. But it resulted in only minor border changes.

How war was started?

As per the ruling of international commission in The Hague, Eritrea triggered the war against Ethiopia by breaking international law. After the war, Ethiopia held all the disputed territory and advanced to Eritrea.

Eritrea–Ethiopia Boundary Commission

This body was founded by United Nation. It established, disputed territory of Badme belongs to Eritrea. But, as of 2019, Ethiopia still occupies Badme and territory near it.

Tigray Region

It is the northernmost regional state of Ethiopia. Region is homeland of Tigrayan, Irob and Kunama people. In the federal constitution, it is also called as “Region 1”. Largest city, Mekelle is the capital of Tigray Region.




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