Tribal Affairs Ministry-CBSE launches online certificate course on Experiential Learning

Tribal Affairs Ministry and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) jointly launched online certificate course on Experiential Learning. This programme will be deployed for 350 educators across 6 states.

Key Points

  • Experiential learning seeks to help teachers establish tribal students’ connect with their real-life experiences and own contexts.
  • Though, the tribal students studying in EMRS are first generation learners. But creativity is inherent amongst them.
  • Creativity, risk-taking and enterprise are some of the attributes which naturally get unleashed in their life-cycle.
  • The programme will be of great service for the development of tribal education, which is having exponential impact on the way EMRS schools emerge as model schools in near future.

Experiential Learning for 21st Century Programme

  • The Experiential Learning programme has been conceptualized as an online certificate course for educators that is, for teachers, principals and school heads to help them in adapting classroom learning to real life experiences.
  • Total 650 educators have applied for this programme. Out of 650 educators, 350 have been selected on the basis of criteria of digital literacy, their motivation to learn new pedagogies and comfort with English.
  • The programme was started on November 20, 2021. It is a 6 week-long program and covers 4 modules supported with virtual webinars to discuss teacher’s understanding.

Cost of the programme

This program will be offered free of cost to all the selected educators.

Teacher Leaders

Ministry will recognise select teachers as “Teacher Leaders”. They will espouse Experiential Learning Pedagogy to the EMRS teaching fraternity in phases. Programme will capacitate the teachers in order equip students with 21st century learning processes and skills.

Who helped in creating this course?

The Experiential Learning course was created in consultation with the faculty from TISS and MGIS for incorporating theoretical and practitioner perspectives of experiential learning.




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