Top 10 Reports and Indices Current Affairs Questions – April, 2021

  1. Which institution released the “Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific 2021” and estimated India’s growth at 7% in 2021-22?


  1. Which institution in its report “South Asia Vaccinates”, estimates India’s GDP growth in FY 22 would be in the range from 7.5% to 12.5%?

Answer: World Bank

  1. Which international organisation releases the ‘Global Gender Gap Report’?

Answer: Work Economic Forum

  1. Which organisation released the ‘Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples’ report?

Answer: FAO

  1. Which Ministry released ‘Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) in India- A Statistical Profile: 2021’?

Answer: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

  1. Which international organization has released the “World 2030: Public Survey” Report?

Answer: UNESCO

  1. Which Ministry has released the “Women and Men in India 2020” report?

Answer: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

  1. How many Indian billionaires are placed in the Forbes Rich list for 2021?

Answer: 140

  1. As per the US-based Pew Research Centre, how many Indians have been pushed out from the middle class due to COVID 19 pandemic?

Answer: 32 million

  1. As per the Julius Baer Lifestyle Index, which is the costliest place to live in the world?

Answer: Shanghai



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