Study of ‘Kombai’ Dog

In his Mann ki Baat broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged security agencies to include Indian breeds, instead of foreign ones in their dog squads, in the direction of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Key Points

  • In this direction, most security agencies have taken steps to train and enlist Indian breeds of repute such as Mudhol hounds, Rajapalayam and Rampur Hounds.
  • Mudhol Hounds played an important role in helping Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in establishing Hindavi Swarajya.
  • PM Modi had suggested to use dogs to check smuggling of drugs from across the border.
  • He advised to train dogs, that are found at the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Use of Mudhol Hounds

Mudhol Hounds are found at the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. These dogs were used by traders in the Middle Ages for security purpose, who travelled through ancient Silk Route. The Silk Route witnessed long caravans of traders who used to travel from China to Europe through Iran and Arab countries. They used dogs for the security of traders and they were of Arabic and Turkish breeds. These are also called as Saluki in West Asia.

Shivaji’s squad of hounds

Shivaji used Carvani breed. The dogs of this breed are very faithful and always ready to protect their masters. They keep their master informed about the enemy.

Dogs of foreign breeds

Dogs of foreign breeds were introduced during British rule. Use of Indian breeds started declining, after the decline of the Marathas and establishment of British rule in India. Until 1857, British were afraid of these breeds as they used to jump and attack them.

Preservation of Carvani breed

The-then ruler of Mudhol, Malojirao Raje Ghorpade, worked to preserve Carvani breed. The ruler was associated with Sisodia clan of Mewar. He was born in 1884. He took a fancy to the dogs used by hunters and tribes of his kingdom. These dogs had special traits of jumping and attacking enemy with great speed. Thus, he started conserving these breeds. During his visit to Great Britain, he had gifted the-then monarch two dogs of Indian breed. The British monarch had named these dogs “Mudhol Hounds”.

India’s focus on domestic breeds of dogs

Following the appeal of PM, the common people and security agencies have now turned their gaze towards indigenous breeds of dogs. ICAR started genetic registration of indigenous dogs. Before PM’s appeal, some security agencies were using Indian breeds in a limited scale. For instance, Indian Army, NSG and CISF had already used Mudhol Hounds. CRPF was using Kombai. But now the security agencies are taking steps towards using indigenous breeds and Mudhol Hounds are the centre of attraction.




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