No Mask No Service Policy launched in Bangladesh

The Government of Bangladesh recently launched No Mask No Service Policy. Under the new policy, no services will be offered to the people who are not wearing masks.


Under the new policy, no Bangladesh citizen will be allowed to enter offices without wearing masks. Also, all offices should install a notice board saying “No Mask No Service”.

COVID-19 vaccine in Bangladesh

The Sinovac Biotech Vaccine was approved by the Bangladesh Government to begin its third trial in July 2020. It is a Chinese vaccine. However, recently in October 2020, the Chinese Government rejected the vaccine, as the company wanted the Bangladesh Government to co-finance the trials, which was off the agreement.

  • Russia has agreed to sell Sputnik V vaccine to Bangladesh. The vaccine is still under trials. The Sputnik V is also under trials in India.
  • India has agreed to offer COVID-19 vaccines to Bangladesh on priority basis.
  • The UK Government is to provide equal access of COVID-19 vaccines to all the countries. Accordingly, the Oxford Vaccine is to be provided to Bangladesh once it is ready for use. The Serum Institute of India has signed an agreement to provide one billion doses of the Oxford vaccines to Low-income and middle-income countries. The institute is to mass produce the vaccine, called the COVISHIELD, after the trials are successful. The Oxford University developed vaccine is called COVISHIELD. The institute has already produced 2 million doses for testing. It is to increase it to 10 million doses per month. The SII is the largest manufacturer of vaccines by volume. It produces more than 1.5 billion vaccine doses annually.

India-Bangladesh during COVID-19

  • India provided HCQ tablets and protective gear in April 2020. Bangladesh was one of the countries to receive aid from India at the earliest when the pandemic began to spread.
  • In April 2020, India sent 500,000 surgical gloves and 1 lakh HCQ
  • Again, in May, 2020, India provided over 30,000 RT-PCR test kits.





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