NASA Rover Records Ingenuity Flight in Mars

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently released a new video shot by the Perseverance rover. The six wheeled robot has shot the fourth flight of Ingenuity helicopter successfully.

About the video

The duration of the video was three minutes. It showed winds blowing across Jezero Crater. The Perseverance landed from the Mars 2020 on the Jezero crater.

The sounds of the blades of the helicopter were heard softly.

Why was the sound of Ingenuity mild in the video?

In spite of the fact that the blades were rotating at 2,400 rpm, at a distance of eighty metres from the Perseverance rover, its sound was mildly heard. This was mainly because the Martian atmosphere has 1% the density of the earth. This makes everything much quieter in Mars.

The speed of sound on Planet Mars is 240 metres per second. It is slower because of cold temperatures in Mars. The temperature of Mars is around -63 degree Celsius.

Also, the Martian atmosphere is made of 96% of carbon dioxide. It tends to absorb high pitched sounds.

Super Cam

The Super Cam is an instrument on Perseverance. It destroys rocks from a distance. The spectrometer attached to the camera will then study the vapour emerging from the rocks. This reveals the chemical composition of rocks.

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