KAVACH Technology in Railways

During the budget presentation, the finance minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman announced that the safety of the Indian trains is to be increased through the KAVACH technology. The railways were allocated Rs 1,37,000 crores. Along with Kavach technology, government is to launch 400 Vande Bharat trains. These trains are to run 2000 km. Government will also launch “One Station One product” scheme to help the local businesses.

What is KAVACH technology?

It is an anti – collision technology. It was indigenously developed. It is SIL4 certified. The technology will help India achieve its goal of zero accidents. The technology will stop the train as soon as it detects another train in the same track within a specific distance. Also, the technology will stop the train if it identifies manual error.

Previous budget

As compared to the previous budget, the Railways has received Rs 20,000 crores more.

Working of KAVACH

The technology uses micro processors, global positioning system and radio communication. The anti – collision devices are mounted on the trains. The devices receive inputs from the satellite. They communicate with each other through modems. They apply automatic brakes when detect another train in the same track.


The technology increases speed of the trains. The drivers slow down the trains near crossing stations. This is usually done to prevent collision with other trains in the station. This leads to delay in journey time of the passengers. The train is forcibly slowed down even if it has no stops in the station. Such delays can be avoided with KAVACH technology.

Other Railway budget allocations

One Station One Product was launched along with KAVACH technology. This is to benefit the transport of local products largely. Rs 15,710 crores have been allocated for Dedicated Freight Corridor. Rs 13, 335 crores was allocated for track renewal and Rs 25,243 crores for new lines.




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