International Day of Families: May 15

Every year, the International Family Day is celebrated on May 15. It is also called the World Family Day. This year, the day is celebrated under the following theme

Theme: Families and New Technologies


The World Family Day was introduced in the United Nations in 1993. This was done to emphasis the role of the families in shaping the individuals.


There is a need to explain about the importance of families to the global citizens in the current scenario. The current scenario is as follows:

  • Family homelessness is increasing. In the European countries the total homeless population is more than 20%.
  • Only 57% of married women in the world are able to make decisions about sexual relations, reproductive health services and use of contraceptives.

These are issues related to families. The International Day of Families help to address these issues and increase the knowledge of demographic, social and economic processes affecting families.

International Year of Families

The United Nations is to celebrate International Year of Families in 2024.

Family Homelessness

It is caused by the lack of affordable housing, decreasing government supports, changing demographics, fractured social supports, domestic violence.

In the US, there are about 580 homeless people as of 2020.

Family Homelessness in India

  • There is a shortage of 18.78 million houses in India.
  • Around 78 millions live in slums. 17% of world slum dwellers are in India.
  • The main reason behind homelessness in India is migration from rural to urban. Other reasons are disability, unemployment, lack of affordable housing.
  • Only 3% of the homeless people in India possessed an ID card.




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