Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers’ Conclave

The Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers’ Conclave was hosted by India on February 4, 2021. The event took place in the backdrop of Aero India 2021 which is the largest Aero show of Asia.


  • The Indian Ocean Region Defence Ministers’ Conclave was organised under the theme: ‘‘Enhanced Peace, Security, and Cooperation in the Indian Ocean’’.
  • The event was started with the welcome address of the Defence Secretary and the Defence Ministers of various Indian Ocean Region Countries.
  • The concluding remarks was given by the Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Indian Ocean Region Conclave

  • The Conclave is an initiative that seeks to promote the dialogue in the institutional, economic and cooperative environment.
  • This conclave helps the countries in Indian Ocean region to foster the development of peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • This conclave is organised with the objective of addressing the issues related to:
  1. Defence Industry co-operation among the IOR countries.
  2. Maritime surveillance and cooperation
  3. Sharing the resources that are available in the Indian Defence Shipyards. Resources that will be utilized for the purpose of designing and shipbuilding.
  4. Sharing the Indian ports with friendly nations.
  5. Sharing of the Information to increase the awareness in maritime domain.
  6. Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief
  7. Development of technologies and capabilities to harness the marine resources.
  8. Marine Pollution Response Activities.

Participating countries

The conclave was attended by 18 countries.  Among them, the Defence Ministers of 4 countries Comoros, Maldives, Madagascar, and Iran took part in the conclave. From six countries namely Australia, Kenya, Myanmar, Kuwait, Mauritius and Seychelles, six High Commissioners or Ambassadors participated. From 10 countries, the service Chief participated besides, the Defence Secretary of Sudan.




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