Democracy Index 2021: EIU Latest Report

The Economic Intelligence Unit recently released the Democracy Index Report, 2021. The report described the state of democracy in 165 countries.

About the Report

The report was prepared based on five parameters. They were functioning of the government, electoral process and pluralism, political participation, civil liberties and political culture.

Key findings of the report

Norway topped the index. The country scored 9.75. Following Norway, New Zealand was at the second position. Finland, Sweden and Iceland were at the third, fourth and fifth position respectively. Afghanistan scored the least with 0.32. Earlier North Korea was at the bottom most position.

Countries that showed improvement

Singapore, UAE, Uruguay, Guyana, Montenegro, Republic of Congo, India, Moldova, Qatar, Indonesia, Zambia.

Report about Democracy

One – third of the world population is living under authoritarian rule. 6.4% is having full democracy. The current global democracy score is 5.28 out of 10.

Report about India

India ranked 46 in the index. The overall score of India was 6.91. The individual scores of the country are as follows:

  • Political Culture: 5
  • Electoral process and Pluralism: 8.67
  • Civil liberties: 6.18
  • Political participation: 7.22
  • Functioning of government: 7.5

Ranking of India’s neighbour

China was ranked at 148th position. Myanmar: 166, Nepal: 1010, Pakistan: 104, Bhutan: 81, Bangladesh: 75, Sri Lanka: 67

Region – wise ranking

North America was ranked at first position. North America was followed by Western Europe and Latin America in second and third position respectively. Asia was ranked at fourth position.

Report about Latin America

Of all the regions in the world, the least performing was the Latin American region. There are 17 countries in Latin American region. The region has the largest diasporas of Japanese, Lebanese, Portuguese, Spaniards, Italians, black Africans. The Latin American countries are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Haiti.




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