Constitution 13th Amendment Act, 1962

Nagaland was present as a tribal area within the State of Assam. An agreement was made in July 1960 between the Government of India and the leaders of Naga People’s Convention to incorporate the state of Nagaland in to the Union of India.

Important provisions

  • Part XXI of the Constitution with the heading “Temporary and Transitional Provisions” was substituted by “Temporary Transitional and Special Provisions”
  • It inserted a new article 371A to provide special provisions with respect to the State of Nagaland. The Governor of Nagaland will be responsible:
    • For law and order so long as the situation in the State continued to remain disturbed on account of the hostile activities inside the area.
    • For the funds to be made available to the new State by the Government of India
    • For the administration of Tuensang district for a period of ten years.

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