Chinese warships hold rare exercises in Indian Ocean

The Chinese warships conducted rare exercises in the Indian Ocean, and then a three- ship flotilla of Chinese warships entered the West Pacific Ocean to start a drill there. The warships from the Nanhai Fleet are destroyers Wuhan and Haikou and China’s largest amphibious landing craft Changbaishan.

  • The ships conducted 10 exercises viz. anti-pirate, joint search and rescue, and damage control drills in the Indian Ocean.
  • Exercises based on defense and settlement of emergencies: conducted to test the command system’s response and soldiers’ combat skills.

The three-ship flotilla consists of an amphibious landing craft and destroyer. Changbaishan:China’s largest landing ship by gross tonnage and is equipped with an advanced weapons system. The flotilla passed along the LombokStrait, Makassar Strait and the SulawesiSea to enter the West Pacific Ocean.



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