Becoming a pilot set to become difficult

The Government is planning to come up with an entrance exam where their aptitude would be tested before being allowed to join a flying school. Also the number of times one can appear in the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) exams would be capped along with the introduction of biometric ways like iris scan to ensure that candidates don’t send anyone else to appear for the exam in their place. The idea is to avoid the “Munnabhai” way of becoming a pilot

At present anyone who has physics and maths at Class XII level can join a flying school and buy his or her way to getting a commercial pilot licence. There is no restriction on number of times a student can appear to clear the DGCA exams. But now it has been recommended to have a cap on the number of attempts. The government is now going to examine the records of students from school level from the moment they get admission card for exams.

The above recommendations are of a government panel set up to examine reforms in DGCA’s examination. Considering that only candidates who have an aptitude for flying come into the profession, the panel has recommended an entry level examination prior to giving admission.



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