Asia Pacific region most disaster prone part of the world: UN Report

The Asia Pacific region is the most disaster prone part of the world as it had suffered around 1,625 disasters in the decade through 2014.
It was revealed in recently released 2015 United Nations Asia-Pacific Disaster Report.
Key highlights from Report

  • Disasters in Asia Pacific region accounted for 40 percent of the global total and claimed over half a million of lives over the decade.
  • The region needs to spend more on adapting to climate change and preparing for more extreme weather and disaster risks.
  • The disasters in past decade have affected around 1.4 billion people and caused over 523 billion dollars in economic damage.
  • Around 772 million poor people from this region which tends to be worlds populous region are vulnerable to disasters.
  • The largest losses are linked to frequent floods and earthquakes in this region.
  • Majority of disasters are cross-border in nature including floods, cyclones, droughts and earthquake. So, regional cooperation is crucial among nations in region.
  • UN has urged the region’s governments to invest more in adapting and preparing for disasters may worsened by its rapid economic growth and mushrooming population.




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