Who has won the prestigious 2015 SASTRA-Ramanujan Prize?
[A]Krishnaswamy Alladi
[B]Jacob Tsimerman
[C]R K Dawan
[D]Swaroop Shenai

Jacob Tsimerman
Jacob Tsimerman of the University of Toronto, Canada has been chosen for the prestigious 2015 SASTRA-Ramanujan Prize for his contribution in the field of Mathematics. Tsimerman is one of the few mathematicians to have complete mastery over two very different areas of mathematics, analytic number theory and algebraic geometry. Much of Tsimerman’s research stems from his spectacular doctoral thesis entitled “Towards an unconditional proof of the Andre-Oort conjecture and surrounding problems” that he wrote at Princeton University in 2010 under the direction of Prof Peter Sarnak. Born The prize will be awarded in December, 2015 at the International Conference on Number Theory at SASTRA University in Kumbakonam, Ramanujan’s hometown.