Who among the following is/are the winners of the prestigious 2015 Dhyan Chand Award?
[A]Romeo James
[B]Shiv Prakash Mishra
[C]T.P.P. Nair
[D]All of the above

All of the above
India’s highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games, Dhyan Chand Award is given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The award is named after the legendary Indian hockey player Dhyan Chand. It carries a cash prize of Rs.500,000, a plaque and a scroll of honour. It is given to honour those sportspersons who have contributed to sports by their performance and continue to contribute to the promotion of sports even after their retirement from active sporting career. The 2015 Dhyan Chand Award winners are Romeo James (Hockey), Shiv Prakash Mishra (Tennis) and T.P.P. Nair (Volleyball).