Who among the following has unveiled a stationary bicycle that can generate electricity in India?
[A]Bharat Desai
[B]C R Rao
[C]Manoj Bhargava
[D]Thomas Kailath

Manoj Bhargava
NRI billionaire and Philanthropist Manoj Bhargava has unveiled an electricity-generating hybrid bicycle called ‘Free Electric’. The bicycle converts human mechanical energy into electricity. Based on the usage, the device can provide up to 24 hours of electricity after an hour of peddling. It is to be priced between Rs 12,000 and Rs 15,000. The device is meant to provide an affordable and clean source of electricity to the economically weaker sections in India. The vehicle was designed and developed in the US. It will be produced in India under licence by companies chosen by Bhargava. Initially, the device will be introduced in Uttarakhand and later will distributed across India. Bhargava became fame with his energy drink ‘5-Hour ENERGY’ in 2004. He also started the ‘Billions in Change’ initiative to finance development and commercialisation of technologies to help combat poverty.