Which committee has recently submitted its final report on digital payments to Union Government?
[A]H R Khan committee
[B]Ratan Watal committee
[C]Indrajeet Sarkar committee
[D]Salil Kapoor committee

Ratan Watal committee
The Committee on Digital Payments headed by Ratan P. Watal has submitted its final report to the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his office in New Delhi.The committee has recommended a medium term strategy for accelerating growth of Digital Payments in India with a regulatory regime which is conducive to bridging the digital divide by promoting competition, open access & interoperability in payments. The Watal committee has also recommended inclusion of financially and socially excluded groups and assimilation of emerging technologies in the market, while safeguarding security of digital transactions and providing level playing to all stakeholders and new players who will enter this new transaction space.