The 2016 World Ayurveda Congress has held in which city of India?

The 7th World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) has been held at Science City in Kolkata, West Bengal from December 1, 2016, The mega event is organized by the World Ayurveda Foundation with support of Ministry of AYUSH and the State Government of West Bengal. The focus of WAC is “Strengthening the Ayurveda Ecosystem”. The major components of the program are public outreach session comprising of the Ayurveda Expo, the Ayurveda clinics for the general public and public lectures. To facilitate development and growth of AYUSH system of medicine, the Ministry of AYUSH has also organized AROGYA Expo from 1st-4th December, 2016 at Science City, Kolkata to coincide with the 7th WAC.